Plastic Injection Molds

Many of today’s complex assemblies involve multiple tools, processes, and materials.  Our background in designing, building, and sampling plastic injection molds affords our customers the capability of a ‘one-stop’ solution.  We can handle the thermoplastic tool and the over-mold tooling and assist our customers in working out processing issues, compound issues, and bonding issues before the tooling leaves our facility.  This saves engineering time and equipment time at our customers’ facilities and allows for faster startup and improves the overall project timeline.

  • Single cavity pre-hard prototype molds to multi-cavity high-volume production molds
  • Molds up to 1500 Ton Press Capacity
  • Molds for insert over molding
  • Over 60 years of experience designing & building Plastic Injection Tooling

Prototype Molds

We consider prototyping to be a valuable step in the mold manufacturing process, and it is usually one that should not be skipped. Before making the considerable investment in a high cavitation production mold, valuable lessons can be learned by molding samples on a prototype that replicates the exact conditions of the production mold. A prototype mold can also bridge the requirement for the product while the production mold is being manufactured.

When the time comes for a production mold Estee taps into the knowledge gained from over 75 years of mold manufacturing and utilizes the latest technologies to deliver the highest quality molds on time and within budget.

  • Fast, low-cost solution for producing parts for market or “fit & function” testing
  • “One of a Kind” custom machined prototype parts
  • Rubber Sealing System molds
  • NVH molds (Noise, Vibration & Harshness)
  • Metal inserted tooling (Plastic & Rubber)

Mold Repair

Offering full mold design and breakdown services, our advanced facility is equipped with automated, three axis, VMC centers and sinker EDM’s.  We also possess a dedicated grinding shop that can make and fix molds varies sizes and weights.  Our advanced tooling capabilities, we can manufacture both assembly and welding fixtures.

Our advanced injection mold tooling design, manufacturing, and repair services encompass a variety of capabilities, such as prototyping, inspection, design, and engineering. We also offer full technical support and comprehensive tool history documentation.

Upholding a (+/-) .001 inch precision tolerance, we manufacture superior single shot injection molds that meet ISO and UL specifications. Please contact Estee to find out more about our advanced injection mold tooling design, manufacturing, and repair services.

  • 24-7 responsiveness to satisfy customer’s production needs
  • In-house Welding Capabilities
  • In-house Polishing Capabilities
  • Parting Line Restorations
  • Troubleshoot & repair mechanical, plumbing and electrical issues
  • Mold revision & repairs with limited engineering data provided.
  • Reverse engineering
  • Routine mold Preventative maintenance
  • Customer’s On-Site Troubleshooting