Composite Tooling

Composite tools are constructed with similar methods and materials as used in composites production. The cost of composites tools is considerably less than that of steel or aluminum molds.  Our team here at EMD has the technology and “know-how” to build composites tooling for all of your production needs.

There is a range of methodology for the construction for composite tools, as well as many materials options. Quality tool building is critical to the quality of the part produced, and a significant level of expertise in tooling design and manufacturing is required.   Our internal tool building capability and our decision of in-house construction can provide you with a quality tool that will fit all of your requirements.

  • Over 25 years of experience designing & building tooling for composite materials
  • Provides tooling for the automotive, aerospace, medical and defense industries
  • Participating member of the National Composite Center, Dayton, Ohio

Rubber Tooling/NVH

Many products will produce unwanted noise and vibration under normal operating conditions. This excessive noise and vibration, also known as NVH, is often interpreted as poor quality and can negatively impact perception. It also negatively affects the desired performance of the device through accelerated wear and tear, decreased efficiency, or in extreme cases, shortened product life through mechanical failure. Control of these noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) issues often fall to a variety of add-on treatments applied to a product’s structure with the goal to absorb or block noise, isolate the vibration between components and damp excessive vibration.  Here are some of our capabilities with Rubber Tooling, contact us today for your next project.

  • Prototype molds within a compressed timeframe
  • Production Molds single or multi-cavity
  • Precision injection, transfer and compression molds
  • Complex molds requiring Multiple side actions and contoured parting lines
  • Design & Build Rubber to Metal bonded tooling
  • Cold Runner and/or Hot Runner Systems
  • Over 60 years of experience designing & building NVH Tooling
  • Suspension Bushing (Ride & Handling)
  • Engine & Transmission Mount (Vibration)
  • Radiator Mounts
  • Exhaust Mounts
  • Dynamic Dampers (Vibration)

Rubber Tooling/Sealing Systems

Estee Mold & Die produces close tolerance, custom molded components from a variety of rubber polymers. We can produce gaskets, grommets, bellows, and cable assembly components in different shapes and size.  Our dedicated engineers design the product using compression, transfer, or injection molded processes. We handle all prototype and high volume production of custom injection molded parts.

Our capability to work with every type of elastomer, coupled with custom compounding operations, allows us to meet rigorous material specifications and performance criteria.  Your project is important us, so your requirements are always in the forefront at Estee Mold & Die.  We deliver what you want when you want it.  Here are some of our capabilities below:

  • Design & build compression, transfer, and injection molds
    that process EPDM and the various TPE & TPV resins.
  • Multi-tool program capability
  • Tooling for body mounted sealing
  • Tooling for door mounted sealing
  • 30-ton Gluco rubber injection tryout press
  • Over 60 years of experience designing & building sealing system tooling
  • Trunk Lid Seals
  •  Deck Lid Seals
  • Hood Seals
  • Rocker Seals
  • Roof Rail Weather-strips
  • Inner & Outer Belt-Strips
  • Glass Run Weather-Strips